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Hot CEO’s Addictive Love

Hot CEO’s Addictive Love

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Author : iReader

Publisher : ireaderm


The first night was dangerous and exciting, and both he and she wore false masks. "When we meet again, he is pressing on step by step." "Miss Chu, if you reject me and say that you don't like men, then what about the child?" "It's … it's a bit of a fantasy to say it. I'm afraid you don't understand." "There's no hurry, just take your time." "The child is born to a woman." "Miss Chu is really ignorant, I must do an experiment to tell you, only women and men can give birth!" Three months later, when Chu Mianlian was vomiting violently, someone pulled her hair with a smile on his face, "The experiment was very successful. Wife, you've learned a new piece of knowledge. Are you happy?" Tang Gangyao, you son of a bitch! " Little Treasure ran over and stood in front of Chu Mi, "Mommy, be careful not to use fetal Qi. Daddy, let me clean this up."