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I Promise You a Prosperous Life

I Promise You a Prosperous Life

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Author : ireader

Publisher : ireaderm


My fiance had an affair, and I tracked the mistress’ elder brother, looking for an opportunity to sleep with him. I proudly broke up with my fiance, and forced the mistress’ elder brother to marry me. Since I can't be his wife, I will be his sister-in-law! "I married you because of your pregnancy, but you let me down. I never thought you couldn't have children! Get out of here. Don’t let me see you again." I took the divorce agreement and left. Three years later, I returned and took a two-year-old child with me to my ex-husband's wedding. In the chaos of the wedding, the groom flew into a rage and asked me who was the child’s father. I haughtily smile, "He jumped out of the stone!"