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Love is the Law

Love is the Law

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Author : Bai Cha

Publisher : ireaderm


Trapped series - Episode II: Trapped with the Lawyer.It all starts on that fateful night, when Ella, who is the dear sister of Samuel’s best buddy, sneaks into the hotel where the drunken Samuel resides and gets pregnant…“I don’t want a divorce! I don’t want a divorce! I did no such thing!” Ella jumped on the bed and cried out.“I don’t want a scheming woman as my wife. Just sign the paper and get the hell out!” commanded Samuel with a cold tone.Poor Ella. She now finds herself helplessly involved in a disconcerting relationship where she faces a distrustful husband, an unwelcoming mother-in-law and the constant threat of divorce. Will their battered marriage finally be able to bear fruit. Will Ella finally be able to find her happiness after all the traumatic events she has went through. Join us in reading this ever exciting and eventful story that is Trapped with the Lawyer!