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Lovely Substitute Bride

Lovely Substitute Bride

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Author : iReader

Publisher : ireaderm


In order to keep the orphanage, Wen Tiantian replaced the escaped Jiang family's only daughter to marry into the Ji family. Tall, handsome, ruthless, that was her first impression of him. But — She was ill, and the first person to call the doctor was him. She was sad, and the first person to clumsily comfort her was him. When the real Jiang family's only daughter returned, she was forced to leave. "Ji Jingchen, on the other hand, held her hand with all his might as his eyes widened." "Wen Tiantian, why don't you take a step forward and try!" "You are my wife in this life, if you dare to leave, even if I have to use iron chains, I will lock you up on my body!"