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Lucky! CEO's Pregnant Fiancee

Lucky! CEO's Pregnant Fiancee

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Author : iReader

Publisher : ireaderm


The first time they met, she clings to him tenderly, "Kill me, or help me..." "Oh, how can I help you?" The man narrows his eyes, asked. His voice sounds have a magic power, bewitched her. He thought that she is a spy sent by his opponent. He is planning to crush her into pieces, but his body was irresistibly attracted by her. It turns out that his proud determination was simply vulnerable in front of her. Such a man, noble, handsome, smart and influential. But only willing to give this woman everything he has, even his life. He cherishes her on the top of his heart and dotes on her. They love each other deep to soul every night. She thought this was the happiness of her life, however…