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Lure Husband into a Trap

Lure Husband into a Trap

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Author : iReader

Publisher : ireaderm


He was the tyrant of the business world, the leader of the Yan family. He was famous for his ruthlessness and ruthlessness! She was the illegitimate daughter of a wealthy family. Her birth mother was unknown, and her personality was soft and gentle. In the family, she was subjected to all sorts of bullying. The only person who loved her was her father, who had died in a plane crash. He was like a deity descending to save her from the abyss of suffering. "From then on, the man broke the rules for her time and time again, but she kept breaking them." Ye Xi, do you have a heart? " "Carrying the girl's collar, the man's eyes were so angry that it seemed as if he would turn her into ashes." "No." The girl had an innocent expression, but her words caused others to vomit blood. I don't care if you f * * king have any, but don't even think about escaping for the rest of your life! " The man threw her on the bed and pressed her down.