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Marry a Parvenu‘s Daughter

Marry a Parvenu‘s Daughter

Completed Stories


Author : iReader

Publisher : ireaderm


This female hoodlum was actually tricked by someone. If she slept, then so be it. She even threw two hundred yuan at him. Even if he didn't take revenge, he would still let her down. What? The other party's background was not small, and she was also the opposite of Gu Yanxi, so what kind of enmity did he have? No one had told him, so who would provoke a young tyrant like her? Then let her, this beautiful young girl, punish him. However, why is it a pit? We've already dug a huge hole that we'll never be able to jump into. Gu Yan Xi, do your parents know how despicable you are? Do you regret marrying the daughter of a nouveau riche?