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Medical Consort of Great Qin

Medical Consort of Great Qin

Completed Stories


Author : iReader

Publisher : ireaderm


She was an obscure coroner. He was the grandson of an emperor who bore a deep grudge against the sea of blood. A murder case had revealed her exceptional ability to stun the entire city and facilitate the entanglement between them. Afterwards, she schemed for him to rule the world and helped him rise to the 95th position. The day that he ascended the throne, the girl that stood beside him wasn't her … Tang Shuangshuang's autopsy and practice of medicine were well thought out, but she was used so thoroughly by an emperor's eldest grandson who was famous for his foolishness. She had made up his royal road, and another woman was with him, enjoying the worship of his subjects. Who had asked her if she was willing to give in? Whatever she, Tang Shuangshuang, can't get, nobody can think of. If he dared to use her, she would destroy his imperial path and injure his most beloved girl …