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Mrs. Duke, Marshal Is Jealous Again

Mrs. Duke, Marshal Is Jealous Again

Ancient Stories


Author : ZYCulture

Publisher : ireaderm


"How dare you a insane woman murder the offspring of the Duke family?" The moment she opened her eyes, she was snarled by a handsome man. What the hell? What's the situation?! She is a famous plastic surgeon, the champion of an antique-song show from 21th century. All of a sudden, she becomes a "vicious" lady of an arrogant young Marshal. Why other time travelers all have romantic experience? Why she was divorced and throw out by that damn marshal the first day she came here? Living in the gutter and even has to fight against different "demons". Fine! Before I counterattack and finish these negligible people, why not give him a chance to sing "Apologize" in front of me? One night, her public performance attracts the man's attention…