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My Mysterious Hubby, Good Night

My Mysterious Hubby, Good Night

Modern Stories


Author : iReader

Publisher : ireaderm


"Woman, why have you come back?" "Marry you!" Queenie Raman had always thought that Landon Solomon was of thecold type! Thus, when she tried to force him to marry her, she had never expected that it would be like this in the future — 365 days without rest. He was a major general of the military region. He was vigorous and resolute. Moreover, He was a man of principle, yet was willing to be forced by her to get his marriage certificate. It was just that after their marriage, his wife changed as she thought of how to use him to kill her enemy every day. He laughed coldly, "I, other than killing your enemy, also have another ability. Do you want to know?" "What ability is this?" "Make you pregrent."