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Princess Sets Poison Again

Princess Sets Poison Again

Ancient Stories


Author : iReader

Publisher : ireaderm


She was the number one assassin and genius pharmacist in the world, but now she had become a useless coward. Why was she a half human half demon? She could tolerate half man and half demon, but who the hell were those two fiancées? If his fiancé wanted to break the engagement, he could. But he had to give him some silver to break the engagement. Poison Lady wanted to compete in fighting for the dregs. There was no need to compete, she would just sell it for the money. The two kingdoms' princes coming to propose could be considered for their money. Nuptial chapter: A man on a dragon and phoenix bed is pressing down on a woman. The woman in his arms suddenly changes. Looking at the fiery red fox on the bed, a certain man's eyes spouted fire. "Bai Li'er, transform back into me." A certain fox raised its tail and coldly glanced at the furious man with an innocent face, "I'm sorry, I didn't learn the skill of changing back."