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Rebirth of Poisonous Empress

Rebirth of Poisonous Empress

Reborn to Revenge


Author : iReader

Publisher : ireaderm


"When the chains hooked onto her shoulder blades, when the thirteen crossbow bolts pierced her body, when the unformed child left her womb, when her family and friends were killed, she could only watch helplessly as she died." Yuwen Jing, in the next life, regardless of whether or not you are a human or a beast, I, Lin Chuyue, will flay your skin and pull your tendons apart, so that you will never be at peace for the rest of your life. " With one final glance, he raised his blade and chopped off her head with his own hands. Fortunately, the heavens were merciful to her, so she was reborn into the enemy's Prime Minister's Palace, becoming the direct daughter of the Fallen Prime Minister. In her rebirth, she had gone into the Dao of Controlling Power just to take revenge for her return to the Yan Kingdom. "Yuwen Jing, you owe me. I will definitely make you pay for it with your blood."