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Sly Hubby and His Little Sweetie

Sly Hubby and His Little Sweetie

Fall in Love with Billionaire


Author : iReader

Publisher : ireaderm


He was an overweeningly rich and powerful emperor. "She was the Cinderella who had fallen into the countryside as the princess of the Thousand Gold Country." "Ephemeral, my feet are sore." she shouted. He squatted down respectfully and patted his back. "I'll carry you!" "Yi Feng Hua, if you thunder, I will be very scared." She cried. He drove with the danger of being struck by lightning to accompany her. "I'm here!" She thought they had been in love for a long time. What she did not know was that a long, long time ago, from the moment she was born! He fell in love with her at first sight! Eighteen years later, he would be able to recognize her with a single glance. She was framed everywhere, bullied every day. He silently helped her, pampered her, protected her, and protected her safety!