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Spoil the Honey Wife

Spoil the Honey Wife

Updated Today


Author : iReader

Publisher : ireaderm


After waking up in one night, she was sold as a commodity to a mysterious man. She climbed up the wall, wanting to escape, but he grabbed her by the neck and threatened her, "If you dare to run again, I'll kill you!" Alright, there was no hope for her to escape. She could only enjoy it peacefully, waiting for the day when the transaction ends and she leaves. But, "How can you be pregnant? How can you be pregnant! " The man hugged her coolly. "If you're pregnant, then so be it." I don't want it! " The man narrowed his eyes. "If you dare touch my child, I'll cripple you!" F * ck, this is a naked threat! I'm looking for Uncle Police, boohoo.