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Stupidly Cute Wife Don’t be Rampant

Stupidly Cute Wife Don’t be Rampant

Completed Stories


Author : iReader

Publisher : ireaderm


Leng Ye Chen was a man with monstrous power and willfulness. He had countless servants in his house, but he insisted on taking Lin Qian in as his personal servant. "Laundry, cooking, cleaning, Lin Qian is tired out to death every day. Finally, he will be responsible for warming his bed and giving birth to a baby!" I can't take it anymore! " "One day, a certain girl lost her temper and ran away." "Then concentrate on giving it to me..." A man smiled, pinched her cheek and fiercely kissed her. Let's see if you can still act so arrogantly! "I originally thought that keeping a stubborn little girl by my side would make her submit to him, but trouble keeps coming. In the end, she actually dares to provoke other men for him?" "Tell me, do you dare to run away with someone else's hand in your hand next time?" "I dare not …" Clutching the marks all over her body, a certain woman's tears indicated her temporary surrender.