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Sweetest Marriage to Mr. Mcdreamy

Sweetest Marriage to Mr. Mcdreamy

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Author : iReader

Publisher : ireaderm


Designed by her colleagues, Gu Ruoxi rushed into the CEO's office with a special ointment, insisting that the CEO apply some medicine on him. Unexpectedly, the CEO's rage was also pestered from now on, and he had to show her that he couldn't do it. Knock, knock, knock. From time to time, each bed would come one at a time. "Long Yi Sheng, do you even have any shame?" "Shameless! I want you! Can you hug me personally?" Before they met: Gu Ruoxi had no home, no car, no money, no husband. She bullied men, bullied white lotuses, bullied colleagues, and kept her tail between her legs. After meeting Long Yiyun: She had a car, a husband, a warm bed, and a little bun. From then on, she walked up to the scum of the female, the scum of the male, the colleague holding the thigh, K City horizontal walk, career love double harvest peak life.