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Wanted! Search for His Invaluable Baby

Wanted! Search for His Invaluable Baby

Fall in Love with Billionaire


Author : iReader

Publisher : ireaderm


He is the successor of military power. In an accident, he pressed her on the sofa and tasted her thoroughly. Four years later, she changed into a man's dress and appeared in his world again. She kills all over the business world. She is treacherous and cruel. She wins numerous beauties' hearts with a single movement. She is the trend of the time! He said, "I want to see you in women's clothes." She refused him. The next second, he saw her dancing with other men. Light is breaking through her long hair. Her body next to other man. He was jealous, but he still protected her, spoiled her, and even forced her to marry him step by step. Only wish this life he can be a prison in her heart! After his unremitting efforts, she finally admitted that she had a son. He was excited: "How old is he?" She, "Two years old." Thinking of the accident four years ago, he stormed away, swearing to kill the bastard! She hooked her lips quietly, "Want to marry me? No way! " Unexpectedly, the man turned back and pressed her under his body, "You want to try?"