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Wild World-Defying Consort

Wild World-Defying Consort

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Author : iReader

Publisher : ireaderm


The trash's package could be bullied? With a stomp on the dantian of the person who tried to kill her, the Poison Demon coldly smiled and said, "Alright, the title of 'trash' belongs to you now." Since she was already here, she might as well kill him. She had never known mercy before. Your highness, fiancé of the white-clothed God? Throw! What the heck, even if you don't care about your character, you still won't accept it! A true Phoenix bloodline that was unrivalled in the world? Heh! She loved to pull out the feathers of the phoenix and watch you turn into a pheasant! The geniuses on the Wind Cloud List had gathered? Tch! They were all defeated!