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Wolf-like CEO, Be Tender

Wolf-like CEO, Be Tender

Completed Stories


Author : iReader

Publisher : ireaderm


Unluckily, she wanted to reveal the male god in her heart on the day of her birthday, but her first night was snatched away by a strange man. Even to the point of being courted every night! He thought that this was the end of his nightmare. Unexpectedly... Five years later, she accidentally became his secretary. Not only did she have to accompany him, she even had to sleep with him? What's more, he even threw his son to her, what was the point of calling her his mother every day? Finally one day, Xia Lan asked curiously, "Little friend, why do you always want me to be your mother?" "My dad said that he was looking for women to ask for big boobs, but only children have milk, I've been lacking milk since I was young …" "..." A hooligan, a hooligan! However, why did the eyes of this little lard bottle resemble her so much? Could it be …