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Young Master Pampers Wife in Private

Young Master Pampers Wife in Private

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Author : iReader

Publisher : ireaderm


An enviable century-old wedding, she was invited to be a bridesmaid. Unexpectedly, the bridesmaid became the bride, and she instantly became the Dragon Lady! Long Yuchen was the president of the empire's corporation, and he was domineering and domineering. In order to avenge his cheating fiancée, he had pulled her to his side on a whim and declared her his wife. From then on, he would pamper her, protect her, and spoil her! However, his wife was very naughty. After running away again and again, he was finally angry. He held her tightly in his arms and warned coldly, "I can allow you to do anything but leave me, run away again, and break your legs." But I don't want to marry you! " "I cried out in dissatisfaction." "Try saying it again!" The man ruthlessly suppressed her until she was begging for mercy.