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Young Master‘s Priceless Baby

Young Master‘s Priceless Baby

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Author : iReader

Publisher : ireaderm


Designed by her mother and sister, she and her so-called "brother-in-law" had an absurd night. When she woke up, her sister was threatening her with a photo of her surrogate pregnancy. If you don't get pregnant on your own, I'll post these pictures so you won't get married for the rest of your life. " "The little sister is a ruthless threat." "Xiao Xin, help your little sister." His mother consoled him. "She was forced into a corner and was unwilling to agree." Why did you turn off the lights? " the man asked in a low voice. "I like being mysterious." "Alright." He kissed her without doubt. Once, twice, and again, she tricked him until, in the bright bedroom, he forced her into a corner, she exclaimed, "What are you going to do?" You don't recognize me when you turn on the light? " He chuckled sinisterly.