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Young Master‘s Substitute Bride

Young Master‘s Substitute Bride

Weekly Recommended


Author : iReader

Publisher : ireaderm


Under the dim and ambiguous light, he bent down and pressed down, causing Mu Wen's face to turn red. He gripped her arm tightly and smiled. "This is also one of my wife's duties." Due to the betrayal of his family, Mu Wen was forced to sleep in Gu Yuanfeng's bed. Gu Yuanfeng chased after him step by step, while Mu You tried to escape, but he couldn't escape the sweet trap he had set. In the brightly lit banquet hall, he reached out his arm to hold the panic-stricken little woman beside him. "Mu Wen, I regret it now." He let out a deep laugh as his slightly hot breath sprayed onto Mu Wen's exposed neck. His pair of dark and deep eyes were as bright as the stars. "This game is considered my loss." "Because I'm in love with you."