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Heidi Collin, a 20 year old girl was a constanly bullied girl throughput her teenage leaving no traces of beautiful memories. She had a memory of jumping herself from the cliff but when she woke up when she was 16, she found herself very well and without even a scratch. The memory made her believe that she was crazy and constantly thinks about the things that actually happened to her but she knows that the world will never believe her, what she had gone that day and what she will tell people. But, was it only her illusion.A total déjà vu or was it for real. The bullies who bullied her started to disappear one by one from her life and until 20, no traces of them were found in her life. To survive in the harsh reality, she did all sorts of part time works along with the university. But, when she was 20 she decided to apply for the one of the largest company, The Emerald Group of Comapanies .. And, shockingly she got selected as one of the candidates as the personal secretary of the CEO of that company. She thought that, now the god has really started showing his grace to her. Now, she can live a better life and luxurious and happy life that she had always imagined. But, was it really the god’s grace that was helping her ? or there was something deep , mysterious and black that she could never have imagined, something that was beyond life and death... Note: This fantasy story is totally my imagination and the characters and the act are all imaginary including the places and the incidents.So, please don’t try to relate the story on the real life basis. Read the story of a cold male lead who is stocked between life and death and the girl his half dead heart chooses...