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Hatred Master's Young Wife

Hatred Master's Young Wife

Modern Romance


Author : Null

Publisher : likeread


"Alisa, you better listen to me well, all the women in your family are for me to f**k..." "Alisa, I never love you, let alone your sister. I just take you for fun, why take it so seriously..." "Alisa, I just want to dirty you, mess you up, and let you sink under my body forever..." "Alisa, I am tired of playing with you, you just go away!" "Alisa, do you have any f*cking face? I'm tired of playing with you. What are you pestering me for? Get out of here, now, have you heard..." "Alisa, you want to fight with me, but you don't have the power neither now nor in the future..." Alisa's terrible memories spread like black fog, and her tears fall silently... Pack up