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My Wife Is So Sweet

My Wife Is So Sweet

Modern Romance


Author : Null

Publisher : likeread


Natalia discovered that her boyfriend was having an affair with her sister Jessica and Jessica was pregnant! Drunken and unconscious. Natalia married Archie. a wealthy and influential business tycoon and became Mrs. Mccarthy. Natalia was a professional PR, promoting pop starts and opened her own company. Besides, she was a super racer and world famous designer! How talented she was! Gradually, she had been transformed from a dumped poor girl into a goddess worshipped by millions of people, and her suitors could queue up from the capital to City Jin. Overwhelmed by her super talent and popularity, Mr. Archie Mccarthy held her firmly in his arms and declared to the world that she was no longer available. Out of nowhere, a little cutie ran up to Natalia and hugged her leg, exclaiming, "Daddy, she is mine!" Pack up