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Cutie, Please Marry Me Again

Cutie, Please Marry Me Again



Author : Null

Publisher : novelcat


Jenna Murphy married Hansen Richards, who she loved from childhood but the one who hated her the most. She believed that he would finally love her back. But before her dream comes true... a car accident brought her father away and led her mother a dying situation in ICU. Her cheeky and greedy uncle even took the chance and robbed every property from her. To get the surgery fee for her mother, Jenna could only agree to divorce Hansen. After leaving Hansen's office with the divorce paper and cheque, Jenna's long-holding pride collapsed. Her tears softened the coldness in Hansen's heart who silently watching her from the far. He pleaded her present to his grandma's birthday party trying to make up their relationship which has gone awry for long. However, Jenna found some clues that showed the car accident made her family ruined seemed to have some fattrels with Hansen...