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My Sweet Baby Girl

My Sweet Baby Girl



Author : Null

Publisher : novelcat


To help her father pay off his debts, Caitlin Owen became a surrogate mother for a mysterious man who tortured her seven days in a row. However, the ten million she traded her dignity and virginity for was taken away by her stepmother, causing her father to kill himself in despair. Three years later, determined for revenge, Caitlin returned to that heartbreaking city. Weak as she was, Caitlin decided to find a strong backer. The richest and most powerful bachelor, Fletcher Baker, would be her perfect choice. To her surprise, as noble as Fletcher, accepted her request on the condition that she must take care of his daughter. The warmth of a long-lost family of three gradually healed the scars on Caitlin's heart. Just as Caitlin decided to indulge in the warmth, she discovered a hidden secret about Fletcher...