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A Sweet Marriage After Rebirth

A Sweet Marriage After Rebirth



Publisher : novelcat


Have you ever regretted anything in your life? If you have the chance to live your life again, can you change your destiny? Sheryl was an innocent girl, who should have had a loving father, a perfect fiance, and a bright future. All of these were ruined by her thot friend, Julia. In her previous life, Sheryl died of poisoning in prison. Nobody would show any sympathy for her death. However, God gave Sheryl an opportunity to reborn at the turning point of her destiny, when Julia schemed her to be caught by her fiance in the act of committing adultery. Sheryl made use of this vicious plan to revenge her nasty bestie and to regain her lost love. "No matter how many times we went to the different paths, prince charming, you doom to be mine."