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Spoiled Marriage: A Perfect Couple

Spoiled Marriage: A Perfect Couple



Publisher : novelcat


The first time I met Benjamin Dunn, we were on the bed wearing no clothes. As soon as I saw this charming guy lying on my bed, I realized I have cheated on my husband. Actually, he cheated on me first. In case of giving me more properties, he drugged me and made me cheat on him. Moreover, he forced me to miscarry my baby because his mistress was pregnant. I was in the depth of desperation. However, every time I was in danger, Benjamin, the handsome guy I had a one-night stand with would show up and save me. He proposed to me that he would avenge all the pain and grievances I suffered as long as I married him. Benjamin seemed to be a reliable man. I trust him for no reason. Therefore, I agreed to marry him, not knowing he was a CEO of a famous listed company...