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The Adopted CEO's Love

The Adopted CEO's Love



Author : iReader

Publisher : novelcat


  The Wen family had a treasure named baby Wen. Warm baby five elements lack water, hence named hot spring stream. The hot spring stream was long and long, but it was eventually taken away by a person called Dan Jiang. The CEO of the entertainment company\'s giant HAGER was also the sole heir to the company. Under his cold appearance, he was the only one who doted on the Wen family\'s baby. One morning, when Hot Springs Creek woke up, they saw a certain beautiful man lying naked beside them. They angrily picked up their pillows and threw them at his face. Dan Jiang looked wronged, \"You obviously threw yourself at me last night!\" Hot Springs Creek thought about it for a moment. It seemed that perhaps it was indeed like that. Before she could finish her thought, she was pounced on by another man. Hot Springs Creek shouted, \"This time, it was clearly you who pushed me down!\"