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Too Beautiful For The Alpha

Too Beautiful For The Alpha



Author : Sydney Marie

Publisher : novelcat


I was full of pimples on my face. With two cumbersome legs and frizzy hair, I was confused why would any guy lay their eyes on me? Let alone having a mate. I craved for love and pursued the feeling of having that connection to someone, anyone. After 16-year searching for my mate, I still failed. I was convinced that I just didn't deserve a mate. Until I met an Alpha, I felt the strong magnet-like feeling for him and my desire to have a close connection with him...for the first time, I felt I was alive. Was that how it felt when you met your mate? But I was cursed, by the Moon Goddess. She didn't allow me to begin with a mate. One day, a man showed up at my door, "Give me a list. Those people who said you are ugly will be dead." "I'm sorry, who are you?" "I'm your mate."