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Unintented Marriage: You Are My Dream Come True

Unintented Marriage: You Are My Dream Come True



Publisher : novelcat


All of Thalia Cloude's family favored her younger sister, Agnes, including her husband Adam Matthews. Adam even wanted to divorce Thalia to marry her sister! Thalia knew herself was seriously ill, so she agreed to divorce. But she drugged Adam to sleep with her for the last time, wishing that he would remember her after she was gone. And her only condition for the divorce was that Adam must design a wedding dress for her. It was a promise he made to her when they were kids. But Adam mistook Agnes the little girl he met at that time. What's more, the whole Cloude family helped Agnes to hide the truth. Thalia was depressed. She wanted to leave and die alone later. But then she found out that she was pregnant, with Adam's baby...