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Kill Me, Heal Me

Kill Me, Heal Me

Royal Family


Author : Xianwai Zhiyin

Publisher : readme


A few years ago, Belle Ye was bright and outstanding like the shining stars. She should be carefree and happy. The love and peace should surround her for a lifetime. However, she had a crush on Ethan Mo. For him, she suffered a lot. Her gorgeous appearance was destroyed; her baby was taken out from her belly cruelly; her family abandoned her... Nobody was willing to help her. The man sent her to the jail was her beloved. Years later, Belle Ye became as humble as the grass. With a mutilated body, she returned to her original world. However, she had seen through this world with this five years. Hiding in her shell, she missed her baby and intent to spend her rest life like this with a cinerary casket in her arms.