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Mr Left and Mr Right

Mr Left and Mr Right



Author : Evening Snow

Publisher : readme


The marriage lasts 3 years, but all of a sudden, it becomes a serious crisis for her (Kiki Yao), for her child is terminally ill, but her husband(Hao Wu) does not care about it at all, instead he keeps wronging her for impurity; at this, she has to sell the body and soul altogether in order to save her child's life. However, she met Jacky Hua, who is with powerful influences in business as well as in government of the city, and after having been through a lot, she becomes fascinated and swooned by his charisma. Thus he tells her, "Other men come to your for your body, but I come for your whole being; he also tells her, "Spring breeze is not as soft as your tenderness, the moon the stars are inferior to your brightness; but at last he adds, "All I have said is a lie." But she replies, "No matter it is a lie or not, I take it as a truth!"