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My husband: A Legendary Man

My husband: A Legendary Man



Author : Scholar Lost

Publisher : readme


This novel presents the bumpy marriage road between Andy Wu and Jenny Xia. Andy is born in a family with very large property in the country, and he is the only lawful heir of the Wu's family business. He is good looking, smart, gifted in many ways, and above all he is a kind person. However, for some unknown reason, he is poisoned by someone, and became mentally sick, losing the memory, and being declared "dead"... After the accident, actually he was saved by somebody, then Jenny the daughter of Xia family in Westplain city gets married to him following her grandfather's will. Jenny is a nice, independent, capable, kind and dutiful girl, and after the marriage Jenny put up with Andy's stupidities, for affected by the mental disorder, Andy is known as a local madman that everybody despises him, but Jenny remains patient with him, sometimes she falters in heart, but in the end she still has him by her side... After three years, Andy seems to have gained the lost memory and in the mean time his ability and power as well as the charisma begin to get back to normal, which is shuddering the whole world. However life is always filled with ups and downs, his marriage with Jenny, and many other things begin to unfold like dramas...