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2.0 Mafia's Captive, I Wish, I Knew How To Quit U!

2.0 Mafia's Captive, I Wish, I Knew How To Quit U!



Author : Megan Skyle

Publisher : rnovel365


Continuation of series One Once upon a time, there lived a Dangerous Mafia don who had two sons Erik and Mark. The younger son Mark forcibly Married chief Of Police daughter after the death of her parents. She planned an act of revenge on him upon her Parent's death but realized her mistake. Their relation started with hate but ended up falling in deep love. After living together for two years he went on a trip. She waited for his return for days which turned as months. He returned after few months and placed one evil deal bleeding her heart with his words. "If you want to be my wife be prepared to leave your dream career" He said with his sharp tone. "What? Are you kidding?" She shouted Disbelief. "No, I was a mafia don and I don't want my wife to be a cop" He snapped in anger. "But you said, your happy with my choice" She remained his words which spoken by him in past. "So, today I'm saying this... If you love me obey me!!" He said in serious tone. "No, this is my life dream. I worked hard to get this " She tried to convince him. "Decide, you want me or your career?" He said leaving. Hate turned as love but again his love turned as hate!! He wanted her to pay back all the pain he got from her in past!! Will she be able to be strong or collapse in her uncontrollable love? Why his love turned as hate? Will she ever get her happy life? Will she be tamed under love MORE