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A Gay Nerd's Mistake Love

A Gay Nerd's Mistake Love



Author : Bemuah

Publisher : rnovel365


"I don't know how I feel towards you," Hyman said with boredom, pulling the cigarette from the edge of his mouth and blowing out of the window. "But one thing I know is that I'm not gay, I love having sex with girls. That being said," he threw his cigarette out from the window, and leaned towards Griffith, whom breath fell stuck in his throat as his cheeks slowly reached the sharpest pink. Hyman smirked as his palm pressed on the jawline of Griffith, his navy irises never turning away from Griffith as his lips approached his. Before they could connect, a low grunt with an exhale cause Griffith's nerve to run wild, and Hyman approached his ear and whispered, "I would definitely like to try it once with you." Hyman Bennett, the hot jock, the student athlete, and the man every girl goggles every single second of the day. He has money without even holding a job a day in his life, and people that would do anything he said without a second of hesitation. He was in shape, appeared older for his age, with jet black hair and cold navy eyes. He was way taller than Griffith Turner, whom always secretly eyed him whenever he marched by. Griffith Turner, a nerdy student with large glasses in the edge of his nose, and small freckles that many ridiculed him for. He was not scrony, but did miss some meat on his bones. However, his green eyes were always following Hyman whenever they had the chance, and as he returned home everyday and write in his journal about what he would see of Hyman in the changing rooms, he never thought that it would all change in one night, when he would attend the first party in his life. A simple drunk mistake turned his entire life in a roller coaster that he did not want to stop. MORE