ALPHA JASON'S SECRET Novel Full Book - Novel PDF free Download
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Author : Kathrine kayz

Publisher : rnovel365


Emily grew up in a great family with a loving father. But everything changed when he past away and left them in debt, her mother worked hard to provide for them with food but sadly got admitted due to a heart problem. As much as it hurt, Emily knew she had to push her limits and take care of her mother, she needed a job and the only job that would pay well was being a maid in the price family. A family that had mysteries and secrets. She hated to work there but what drew her more to the place was Jason Price, he was cold but also very handsome. And kind when he felt like, to her he was the man she was secretly in love with. But something felt weird, every night of the full moon they all would lock themselves up, and Jason went as far as to threaten Emily to stay away, she wanted to, but her curiosity couldn't let her, so she went and took a peek in that same room at the night of the full moon. What she saw completely changed her life forever. MORE