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Alpha Noah

Alpha Noah



Author : sevyn

Publisher : rnovel365


King Noah was the King of Gideon and the Alpha of his pack. Everyone knew his name. Everyone feared him. He was the strongest Alpha to ever live. Ororo went from being a poor girl living in a hotel room with her best friend, to finding out she was the daughter of The King of America and the future Queen of America. When the news of Ororo being next in line to the throne hits the web, King Noah returns to America to meet up with his old friend, King Daniel. He soon discovers that Ororo is not only the future Queen but his mate. Once the Palace is attacked by rogues, Ororo finds herself in the arms of her mate and fleeing to Gideon for protection. As Ororo adjusts, secrets about who she really is and the truth about her Mother is revealed. While Ororo comes to terms that her entire life has been a lie, enemies of all kinds are forming and coming for the crown determined to kill anything standing in the way - particularly Ororo. Ororo and Noah's relationship is tested when she realizes that Noah doesn't plan on changing anytime and she soon finds out some of Noah's deepest secrets making her wonder if Noah was a dream or nightmare... There's only one thing that she knows for sure and that is the fact that Noah was... The Alpha. The Lycan. The King. But every King needs his Queen and Ororo was more than just his mate, she was... The Light. Powerful. The Queen. What happens when two people from different worlds clash? MORE