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Alpha Romani

Alpha Romani



Author : Midnightskiies

Publisher : rnovel365


"not all monsters do monstrous things" - Jade Estrada . . "What are you doing in my territory rogue?" He spits out the word rogue which makes me flinch back and causes my wolf to whine again. "I- I didn't-t kn-now tha-tt I-i wa-as tress-passing-g on you-r ter-ri-tory" I stutter out in fear. "What's your name mate?" He asked me . "J-Jade" I reply. "Look at me" he grits out and the sound of clenching of his jaw doens't go unnoticed by me. I shake my head side to side as tears leave my eyes, trailing down my face in a fast motion. "Look at me when I talk to you mate" he growls out throatily. "I-i can-tt" I yet again stutter my words out and my words seem to anger him as his hold on my chin almosts becomes painful to the extent of breaking skin. I whimper out in pain. "Why" he viciously growls out and which almost makes me take a step back in fear but I stay rooted to the spot. "I'm b-blind" I say and his painful grip leaves my face. ----------- Jade has been blind since birth, sorrounded by a loving pack and parents just happen to be the Alpha and Luna of The Evergreen Forest Pack. So what happens when a rogue attack kills her family and Jade escapes and accidentally crosses The Blood Moon Pack Territory known to be led by the cruel, vicious, and heartless Alpha Dante Romani who just so happens to be her mate. What happens when Jade comes to know that her mate doesn't want her but doesn't reject her for his own selfish reasons, throw into the mix a blonde haired mistress. Read and find out what happens to Jade and Dante in 'Alpha Romani'. Previously known as 'His Blind Luna' * Warning : contains some strong language and mature scenes * MORE