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am i a god?

am i a god?



Author : cunningdiplomat

Publisher : rnovel365


"Let go of that kitty kat!" A shooting star whizzed through the sky,causing countless super powers to appear on earth. However,the main characters that appear in this phenomenon aren't humans,but cats... During this event,this same thought appeared in the minds of countless cats. "Am I a god?" Zhao Yao,an ordinary human,is the only person that can control this supercats. Zhao Yao: "Am I a god?" ... ... ... ... ... ... Intro : Zhao Yao, the protagonist of the story, is the most ordinary man you could possibly imagine.Since graduating from college,he had been engulfed by his bureacratic workplace and its toxic enviroment. To make things worse, he has neither a car, money nor a girlfriend. The only silver lining was his fat and lazy cat, Matcha, which provided a semblance of company and friendship. MORE