Archer Master [Season One: The Epic Starts] Novel Full Book - Novel PDF free Download
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Archer Master [Season One: The Epic Starts]

Archer Master [Season One: The Epic Starts]



Author : DreamingInTheMoonlight

Publisher : rnovel365


Are you familiar with the song "Only Love" by Trademark? "But only love can stay? Try again or walk away But I believe, in you and me, The sun will shine one day So I just play my part Praying you'll have a change of heart But I can't make you see it through That something only love can do. . ." This is how I will describe our story. Let us just say, he is not my prince charming for her princess only deserves a KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR. That person is really so arrogant. He is not gentleman either, and he really looks like a gangster. We met on the most ridiculous part of the story. We fight like cats and dogs - before. He is not a type of person to be love because he is hardheaded and he already loved someone else, long before we met. But. . . . We fell in love, and that was Mr. Cupid’s miracle for us. We were being drove further away by scandal and circumstances; we fought our love, but broke up sooner later. Our love always brought us destruction and in a matter of fate, we always comes to the point wherein we are caught between the feud of life and death. Did I already mention that we are both popular? Anyway, our love story is like a whirlwind and it does not have magic. Whether we have a happily ever after? Well, real life is different from a fairytale. Real life is much broader, fairytale is a fantasy. You cannot write a perfect ending in reality's love story, for love are not all fairytales. However, love can make wonders, right? And for me, the two of us just only play our part for. . . . . . That is something that only love can do for us. - Shin-li MORE