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Bad Boy's Need

Bad Boy's Need



Author : Sameenghauri

Publisher : rnovel365


Raffe Ale Marcello, the future Mafia king of Italy, was sent to Germany by his father, Lorenz Marcello, to get education and to get trained for the Mafia. Ale, a straight stuck-up arrogant jerk, fell in love with Valenie Baker, a German and a whole package of beauty with brains. Both were having a smooth teenage relationship, based on a lie, fed by Ale, portraying himself as the good boy, who he never was. What happens when his true identity is revealed and Valenie decides to break up with him? what happens when breaking up with her is the last thing Ale wants to do? Will Valenie submit to him without a fight? Will she be able to cope up with him and his lifestyle, even though her own life is at stake? ________ Join in on the journey full of Drama, Thrill, Action and lots of Romance. ________ | Dark Romance | -forced/non consensual sex -kink. MORE