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Being My Baby's Stepfather

Being My Baby's Stepfather



Author : Jane Lanett

Publisher : rnovel365


Judy Kelly (the female protagonist) gets the news that her adoption process has been completed just at the same time Ceaser Thompson finds out that his deceased wife had their child without his knowledge. When he finds out everything there is to know about his child including the person who adopted him, he sets out to get his daughter back. Since he doesn't have circumstantial evidence to show that his wife gave birth to his daughter without his knowledge, and getting one might take months, even years, he decides to seduce this woman who adopted his child, get married to her, adopt his child and then divorce her. But his plan goes south when he falls in love with her. Now he knows telling her the truth about the real reason he had pursued her would end things between them. He drags it out for as long as he can and when he tells her, Judy is devastated. They later reconcile. MORE