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Beyond Blind Romance

Beyond Blind Romance



Author : Aariona Renn

Publisher : rnovel365


Raine is the character faced with a new view on life after the unfortunate accident that caused him to lose his eyesight. He becomes a depressed shell of himself until he meets the local near-death girl that gives him a greater goal to accomplish. Remedy tries to teach him about the uniqueness of learning to live life differently. She learns of his past scars and the things he’d done to overcome them; however, she doesn’t care for it knowing that he desperately needs someone in his life that would understand him. This journey is a long, painful, and beautiful one as we follow these to unique souls on a new path of love. Raine Gallinger, known to be a character of his unforgiving background of being someone unable to tide down. Raine plays around with girls’ hearts due to the way people used to treat him. He goes through a carefree and careless life until the day that changes his life. There will be many struggles to face and countless hardships with this new readjustment that he must come to terms with. Remedy Castilla is a wonderful girl. She is quiet, conservative, caring, and considerate of others. Remedy has a hearing disability causing her to lose more and more of her sense of sound until the day she completely loses her hearing ability. Remedy has had to deal with this condition for most of her life. She is okay with the way she is and looks at life as something meaningful instead of hurtful even with her struggle. MORE