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Blood Walkers: Human for A Mate: series #2

Blood Walkers: Human for A Mate: series #2



Author : TheRevivedWriter

Publisher : rnovel365


This is a thrilling story based on a normal human girl and an alpha of a pack of savage werewolves. As the word says it all, you would probably be thinking the alpha is a hotheaded beast, actually, he's been craving for love his whole life. Having his pack ripped apart by humans many years ago as a toddler, his counsel feeds the pack by eating the humans as a way of avenging their lost families. But after marking on a human, this brings a completely different problem to them as vengeance and love fight to claim this troubled Man's heart. He wants her, he wants the love she will give to him, he wants her despite the differences, but he must remain loyal to his pack. Craving for it dearly and keeping in mind of the watchful eyes of the counsel in the shadows, he dies inside and watches as they rip their love apart, forcing them to break their bond. Added piece: In this book you will witness an entity that has been allowed into characterization. The moon goddess. Do not miss out in this enticing book between love and responsibilities, tragedy and torment. Every page will keep you craving for more. MORE