Blood Walkers (raise of the alpha) series #1 Novel Full Book - Novel PDF free Download
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Blood Walkers (raise of the alpha) series #1

Blood Walkers (raise of the alpha) series #1



Author : TheRevivedWriter

Publisher : rnovel365


Rejection isn't a choice. Death is an option.. we choose to die because of the choices we make. We make mistakes. isn't that what life is all about?... The time you know you love someone.... Is when it's too late.... The deed was already done... Emily finds herself tied between two strong men who don't seem to get along very well. All she could ever hope for was to meet her one mate and instead, she got to meet two different men that marked on her. The choice is yours to make. Will you hold the hand of a hotheaded man who has no shame in taking his pride too seriously? Or a man who's willing to devote all his life to you and his only flaw his his mental health state. Who's hand will you take? Chose either one or leave them both. MORE