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Brave Souls (Book One) The Lion Heart Series.

Brave Souls (Book One) The Lion Heart Series.



Author : mynightskies92

Publisher : rnovel365


The Lion Heart Series. Book one : Brave Souls. In the far away lands, deep in the African Savannah, the fragile peace between two rival villages will come undone. Two rising warriors find themselves thrust in the middle of it all. On one side Johari Tembo a simple laid back herds boy born of humble background finds his villages hopes and ultimate responsibility thrust onto him as he battles with his own demons. While on the other side Moseti Kalibari, the chiefs only son and heir to the chieftain struggles with the yoke of too much expectations burdened onto him by his father the chief and his entire village. As the war drums cry once more and as the deadly steel blades are honed, an Evil Sorceress hatches an evil plot to unleash a Terrible Darkness unto the world. Who will fall? Who will conquer? Witness this magical African tale of love, hate and a journey to the spiritual. In these breathtakingly harsh and unforgiving lands, only the brave can conquer, only the brave shall survive. *** Daily Updates. *** Johari : "Pssst.... this amazing story and equally amazing writer can be supported with a cup of coffee at : I think he likes it dark, with 2 sugars. Moseti : " Preposterous! How can a mere herds boy like you even begin to fathom royalty's preferences. Leave that to the cultured & more refined. He likes it medium dark, 2 1/2 sugars, with a dash of cinnamon and ginger." Writer (sighs deeply and does a double face palm) : "Alright, alright .... back to your world guys.." :-) MORE