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Author : Ayla Khan

Publisher : rnovel365


"We sometimes think we want to disappear, but all we really want is to be found." "Oh my goodness. Sir, are you okay?" I check his pulse. Thank God the pulse is there but barely there. I look around his body for any injury and almost in a second find the bullet wound near his kidney. "...My god." Shit, there is no service in this stormy weather. I look at his almost life-less body and the next I know I am driving him to my house. Victoria Forbes. A young doctor. Still healing from the past. She is kind, caring, loving but most of all lonely and broken. Christian Amore Vasquez. The Italian alluring, beckoning, bewitching, captivating, Mafia leader. He's not the typical, ruthless Mafia leader. He actually has a heart of gold and is ready to die for who he loves. He stumbles into Victoria's life. There is a obvious connection between the two which cannot be easily ignored. They both learn so much. "Love isn't baggage or a blame." "It's a risk, but worth taking." MORE