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Bruises and Bitemarks

Bruises and Bitemarks



Author : Amnesiane

Publisher : rnovel365


!!!WARNING!!! about... - sexual content - abuse - bloody scenes - self-harm You were warned. If you can't stand sadistic/masochistic/self-aggressive characters, this book is not for you. Otherwise, enjoy! "You are not a doctor, are you? Why are you here?" I asked with a restless smile. He didn't answer right away, just made me witness how hot he is when a smile dances in the corner of those perfect lips. "Nor are you dangerous. So why are you here, Nana?" he asked patiently, as his eyes stopped wandering on my thighs and neck, and fixated on my eyes. He just checked me out, and he didn't even try to hide it... what the fuck is this guy... I smiled innocently. The kind of innocent, that screams 'I will murder you in your sleep'. Nana is kept in a mental institution for almost a year now, given the fact that she is considered self-aggressive. She was known for that she was able to play anyone or anything with her charming smile and risky jokes, keeping her tough-girl mask up without a problem, but when she suddenly gets a new doctor, her life drastically changes. The girl's been through a lot, but it suddenly comes into question if she makes it through this one? Dr Ramsey turns out to not only be a challenge for Nana but a huge risk and danger as well as for everyone who gets close to him. He offers her a new chance to live a normal teenage life after such a rock bottom, but will she find out what's that catch about him, before it's too late? MORE